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I hope this month’s message finds each of you
in good health and spirit. The month of February
can be a hard month to get through. It is the
shortest month of the year but feels like it takes
forever during the short dark days of winter. I
would like to shed some light into those days by
reminding you that there is fellowship right around
the corner here at Caesarea lodge filled with
brothers who are willing to light up the world. If
you haven’t been to lodge in a while, I urge you to
come out and see the brothers even if it’s just for a
rehearsal to say hello. February is the month of
Valentine’s Day so after taking care of your loved
ones what better to do than come to lodge for some
brotherly love. I would like to remind you all that
we are preparing for a Fellowcraft degree soon. I
know it can be hard to practice during the winter,
but I would like to remind you all to be diligent in
your preparations for the brothers going through
the degrees. In celebration of black history month,
I would like to share a quote from the great
basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, who is also a
brother. When Brother O’Neal was asked about his
poor performance at the free throw line he stated
“It’s probably a lack of concentration. I always hit
them during practice. I just need to concentrate.
Even though I shoot a lousy percentage, I beat a lot
of teams from the line. You have to have
mechanics.” Brother O’Neal knew the importance
of being diligent during practice so that he can
have better concentration and mechanics during the
game. I ask that we continue to be diligent in our
practice and our rehearsals as this lodge has always
done, so that when it comes time to put on the
show just like brother O’Neal, we will beat them at
the line. I look forward to seeing you all at the
lodge this month. God bless you and your families.

Respectfully, Christopher Menendez

Worshipful Master, 2024

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